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Available throughout the developed world since 2010, the Nissan Leaf has established itself as one of the best all-electric cars on the market. Its lean yet robust motor produces 110 hp and 210 ft-lbs. of torque for a peppy ride that's surprisingly exhilarating. Best of all, the Leaf is one of the greenest cars in existence.

Common Issues with the Nissan Leaf

While the Leaf is a fairly reliable vehicle, it has its own weaknesses like any other model. Some of the most common complaints include:

1. Passenger airbags failing to deploy due to loose wiring.

2. More effort required to brake in extremely cold weather.

3. Sudden inverter failure resulting in the vehicle stalling at random.

Why Buy Genuine Nissan Leaf Parts?

Whether you're replacing a failed part or simply performing routine maintenance, using OEM parts on your Nissan Leaf is always wise. Genuine OEM Nissan Leaf parts boast a few key attributes like:

1. Superior quality due to better materials and manufacturing techniques.

2. Better warranties than aftermarket parts.

3. Highly attractive ROI due to greater longevity.

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